Museum in a Nutshell
in cooperation with suedstudio, stuttgart

Museum in a Nutshell was designed for the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien (KHM). With the short presentation of masterpieces of art, the KHM is thus able to draw attention to the diversity of its collection holdings in different places throughout the world. Designed as a pop-up store, faster assembly and disassembly is guaranteed. Regardless of the room environment, the installation unfolds its own radiance.

In the first storyline “Europe united in art”, the KHM presents itself as a transnational, supranational, European museum, telling the story of Europe, its peoples and their roots and traditions.
The reason for the story is the European Council Presidency of the Republic of Austria in 2018. The “Museum in a Nutshell” is the ambassador for the arts in the European Council Building in Brussels and will continue to travel from 2019 onwards.

exhibition design: südstudio / Hannes Bierkämper, Stuttgart

graphic design: CLMNZ / Clemens Hartmann

Brigida González, stuttgart

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