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On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of HKS, the Colourmatch not only looks at the achievements of the past, but also sets the route for the future. We are looking for a common typographical denominator of some classical grotesque typefaces with which the goals that are strived can be expressed and achieved.
As small as the differences may be at first glance, they become much bigger in a direct comparison – but it is important to arrange and pull together.

Fonts in use:
“GT America”
by Noël Leu with Seb Mc Lauchlan

“Areal BL”
by Hi, Claudio Barandun & Megi Zumstein and Binnenland

“Classic Sans”
by Gert Wiescher

“Craft Gothic”
by Fontsite

“Lab Grotesk”
by Göran Söderström

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