Maschinenpark Zeche Zollverein
in Cooperation with Suedstudio, Stuttgart

As part of the exhibition “The Age of Coal”, which will be shown in the mixing plant of the Zollverein coking plant in 2018, the machinery was created on the outdoor area as a prelude to the exhibition.The machine park with its partly gigantic machines (or parts of them) shows the dimensions of modern mining. Here, prominent and extensive machine technology is visible, which has been invisible to non-miners in recent decades. The exhibited machines are all part of the so-called “Bergbauerbe” (Heritage of Mining).
On large-format panels, visitors are given a brief overview and can see how the machine has been underground. The project was created in cooperation with the Ruhr Museum Foundation and the German Mining Museum.

Weltkulturerbe Zeche Zollverein

Stiftung Ruhr Museum, Essen

Anja Soeder, Alexander Lang, Clemens Hartmann, Hannes Bierkämper

Planergruppe Oberhausen GmbH

Brigida González, stuttgart

Hannes Bierkämper

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