HKS Colourmatch 27

Blow Up
The focus lies on the ground-breaking movie »Blow Up« and its 50th anniversary. Even through mind expanding photographic background knowledge that is conveyed by this colourmatch edition, the story still stays mysterious – things have to be seen from multiple angles of view – but will they get real then ?
The swinging sixties’ linchpins are presented on cellulose acetate film – Vanessa Redgrave talks to David Hemmings, Twiggy is shot in mini skirt by David Bailey and it is all directed by Michelangelo Antonioni…

Fonts in use:
“Weissenhof Grotesk”
by Stefanie Schwarz & Dirk Wachowiak

Colours in use:
HKS 4 K-100-00
HKS 13 K-90-00
HKS 49 K-70-00
HKS 65 K-70-10
HKS 81 K-70-30


Date of release:
September 2016

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