“Kepler’s Dream” 

The new permanent exhibition about Johannes Kepler in the Stadtmuseum Leonberg (Leonberg City Museum) speaks about Kepler through Kepler – through his letters, his network and his works we get an insight into his personality and his specifically modern scientific approach.

The complexity of Kepler’s work and personality is captured in one image. All individual pieces of information are not only connected to this image, but also to each other, so that an intuitive learning experience is possible.

Interaction and discovery are just as important didactically as a clear structure of the depth of information. In this way, the new permanent exhibition appeals to both laypeople and experts and can be experienced individually or in guided groups. Both the interactive media station and the exhibit table are potentially designed for expansion.

The central spatial installation is an idealized planetary model. A media station conveys a kind of early modern “social network” of scientists, family and patrons who directly influenced Kepler’s research and life.

To this day, Johannes Kepler is one of the most important astronomers and mathematicians. His room presents his realized dream worlds and looks at his achievements in astronomy and astrophysics.

Location: Stadtmuseum Leonberg
Client: Kulturamt der Stadt Leonberg
Year: 2020 – 2021
Exhibition Design: Suedstudio, Hannes Bierkämper, Alexander Lang
Graphics: clmnz / Clemens Hartmann
Content: Pablo v. Frankenberg, südstudio
Media: Felix Geiger

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