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does HKS Colourmatch subject to natural law or is it influenced by undefinable forces ?
We analysed and compared all units and finally offset each one to the other. The result still remains stunning. Finally a subjective verdict can only be found by a direct and individual confrontation with the Colourmatch – everything else is senseless.
We can only say one thing – FF Netto by Daniel Utz endured the test procedure well and showed unexpected abilities.

Fonts in use:
“FF Netto”
by Daniel Utz

Colours in use:
HKS 16 K-90-10
HKS 39 K-40-00
HKS 53 K-70-10
HKS 57 K-30-00
HKS 69 K-90-00


Date of release:
July 2017

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