“100 years of the Ruhr region – The other metropolis”

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Ruhr Regional Association, the exhibition “100 years of the Ruhr region. The other metropolis” (100 Jahre Ruhrgebiet – Die andere Metropole) looks back at the complex development of one of the most populous regions in Europe with over 5 million inhabitants. In seven sections, it presents the “city of cities” as an administrative metropolis, an infrastructure metropolis, a political metropolis, a transport metropolis, an industrial metropolis, a sports and event metropolis, and a cultural and knowledge metropolis. These different developments followed their own dynamics and developed as success stories, stories of setbacks and failure or of change and transformation. Together they make up the history of the Ruhr metropolis, which is now one of the major European metropolises, but also differs significantly from them in its contradictions and polycentricity. Because here “everything was and always is different again”. The yellow and black traffic signs that are now used on all German federal highways were developed for the Ruhr region. It is the place where the Internet began to run in Germany and where, after the end of the mining industry, industrial culture is the unique selling point nationwide.

LOCATION: Ruhr Museum, Unesco World Heritage Zollverein, Essen
CLIENT: Ruhr Museum Essen
YEAR: 2018 – 09.2020
EXHIBITION DESIGN: Suedstudio, Stuttgart (Alexander Lang, Hannes Bierkämper)
LIGHT: Ruhr Museum
PHOTOGRAPHY: Brigida Gonzalez, Stuttgart

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